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Penulis Topik: Ancient Astronaut  (Dibaca 4619 kali)

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Ancient Astronaut
« pada: Juni 11, 2012, 09:55:43 PM »
sehubungan belum ada memulai membahas topik ini mungkin akan saya nahas sedikit untuk didiskusikan. Dulu saya pernah nonton di nat geo (lupa acaranya) membahas tentang ancient astronaut. Bahwa kehidupan ekstraterestrial pernah datang ke bumi(ribuan / jutaan) tahun lalu. Dan bahkan membuat kontak dengan manusia purba jaman itu, yang lebih mengejutkan ada yang berpendatapat bahwa mahluk asing tersebut mempunyai keturunan dengan manusia. Dan katanya itu menjelaskan tentang lompatan jaman yang sangat besar dari mulai kita sebagai kaum nomaden yang tinggal di goa sambil membawa gada tiba2 membuat piramida. Dan katanya kedatangan mahluk asing itu dianggap sebagai tuhan di dunia kita, banyak seperti ukiran di piramid mesir yang menggambarkan transportasi penerbangan dan bahkan UFO. Dan semua bangsa jaman dahulu katanya punya penggambaran tentang masa kedatangan mahluk tersebut mulai dari garis nazca sampai ke suku bangsa maya. Dan bahkan di wikipedia teori ini digabung2kan dengan agama2 kita seperti (maaf) kitab ramayana hindu dll.

Ini saya ambil dari wiki

Proponents of ancient astronaut theories often maintain that humans are either descendants or creations of extraterrestrial beings who landed on Earth thousands of years ago. An associated idea is that much of human knowledge, religion, and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a "mother culture". Ancient astronaut proponents also believe that travelers from outer space known as "astronauts" or "spacemen" built many of the structures on earth such as the pyramids in Egypt and the Moai stone heads of Easter Island or aided humans in building them.[5][6]
Proponents argue that the evidence for ancient astronauts comes from supposed gaps in historical and archaeological records, and they also maintain that absent or incomplete explanations of historical or archaeological data point to the existence of ancient astronauts. The evidence is said to include archaeological artifacts that they argue are anachronistic or beyond the presumed technical capabilities of the historical cultures with which they are associated (sometimes referred to as "Out-of-place artifacts"); and artwork and legends which are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.
Certain mainstream academics have responded that gaps in contemporary knowledge of the past need not demonstrate that such speculative ancient astronaut ideas are a necessary conclusion to draw.[7] Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA, however strongly believed in what he called panspermia, the concept that earth was 'seeded' with life, probably in the form of bluegreen algae, by intelligent extraterrestrial species, for the purpose of ensuring life's continuity. He believed that this could have been done on any number of planets of this class, possibly using unmanned shuttles. He talks at length about this theory in his book Life Itself.[8]
Thomas Gold, a professor of astronomy, suggested a "garbage theory" for the origin of life, proposing that life on earth might have spread from a pile of waste products accidentally dumped on Earth long ago by extraterrestrials.[9].

Ancient religious texts
Proponents cite ancient mythologies to support their viewpoints based on the idea that ancient creation myths of gods who descend from the heavens to Earth to create or instruct humanity are actually representations of alien visitors, whose superior technology accounts for their reception as gods. Proponents attempt to draw an analogy to occurrences in modern times when isolated cultures are exposed to Western technology, such as when, in the early 20th century, "cargo cults" were discovered in the South Pacific: cultures who believed various Western ships and their cargo to be sent from the gods as fulfillment of prophecies concerning their return.[28]

Rama being welcomed back to Ayodhya in his "flying car"; some ancient astronauts theorists claim as evidence for flying vehicles in ancient antiquity
In Hindu mythology, the gods and their avatars travel from place to place in flying vehicles (variously called "flying chariots", "flying cars" or Vimanas). There are many mentions of these flying machines in the Ramayana, which dates to the 5th or 4th century BCE. Below are some examples:
From Book 6, Canto CXXIII: The Magic Car:[29]
Is not the wondrous chariot mine,
Named Pushpak, wrought by hands divine.

This chariot, kept with utmost care,
Will waft thee through the fields of air,
And thou shalt light unwearied down
In fair Ayodhyá's royal town.
From Book 6, Canto CXXIV: The Departure:[29]
Swift through the air, as Ráma chose,
The wondrous car from earth arose.
And decked with swans and silver wings
Bore through the clouds its freight of kings.
Erich von Däniken discusses the Ramayana and the vimanas in Chariots of the Gods? chapter 6, suggesting that they were "space vehicles". To support his theory, he also offers a quotation which he says is from an 1889 translation of the Mahabharata by C. Roy: "Bhima flew with his Vimana on an enormous ray which was as brilliant as the sun and made a noise like the thunder of a storm".[30]
See also Vaimanika Shastra, a text on Vimanas supposedly "channeled" in the early 20th century.[31]

Book of Genesis and Book of Enoch
The Book of Genesis, chapter 6 verses 1–4, states:
When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them.
— Genesis 6:1–4 (New International Version)
One interpretation is that the Nephilim are the children of the "sons of God" and "daughters of humans", although scholars are uncertain.[32] The King James Version replaces the term "Nephilim" with "giants".
The first part of the apocryphal Book of Enoch expands and interprets Genesis 6:1. It explains that the "sons of God" were a group of 200 "angels" called "Watchers". Against God's wishes, these Watchers descended to Earth to breed with humans. Their offspring are the Nephilim, "giants" who "consumed all the acquisitions of men". When humans could no longer sustain the Nephilim, they turned against humanity. The Watchers also instructed humans in metallurgy and metalworking, cosmetics, sorcery, astrology, astronomy and meteorology. God then ordered the Watchers to be imprisoned in the ground. He created the Great Flood to rid Earth of the Nephilim and of the humans who had been given knowledge by the Watchers. However, to ensure humanity's survival, Noah is forewarned of the oncoming destruction. Because they disobeyed God, the book also describes the Watchers as "fallen angels".[33]
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that this story is a historical account of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. In their interpretation, the "angels" are extraterrestrials and were called Watchers because their mission was to observe humanity. Some of the extraterrestrials disobeyed orders; they made contact with humans, cross-bred with human females and shared knowledge with them. The Nephilim were thus half-human-half-extraterrestrial hybrids.[34]
Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman argue that modern UFOs carry the fallen angels, or offspring of fallen angels: the Nephilim of Genesis, who have now returned. They believe it was this interbreeding between the angels and humans that led to what they call "the gene pool problem." Noah was perfect in his "generations," that is "Noah's genealogy was not tarnished by the intrusion of fallen angels. It seems that this adulteration of the human gene pool was a major problem on the planet earth."[35]
Von Däniken also suggests that the two angels who visited Lot in Genesis 19 were not angels, but ancient astronauts. They may have used atomic weapons to destroy the city of Sodom. In any case, the otherworldly beings acted as if there was a time set for Sodom's destruction. Von Däniken questioned why God would work on a timetable and why an "infinitely good Father" would give "preference to 'favorite children,' such as Lot's family, over countless others."[36]
Marc Dem completely reinterprets Genesis by claiming humanity started on another planet and that the God of the Bible is an extraterrestrial.[37]. Maaf kalau salah ketik

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #1 pada: Juni 12, 2012, 07:50:23 PM »
bukan dari luar angkasa tapi dari dunia lain.
buktinya ramalan kepercayaan suku maya tentang kedatangan bangsa anunaki dari planet nibiru
ternyata bangsa yg dimaksud adalah kolonial eropa (bangsa kaukasia)
saya pikir para "alien" itu berkata jujur sekaligus berdusta pada manusia

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #2 pada: Juni 12, 2012, 08:19:11 PM »
terus bagaimana anda bisa menjelaskan ukiran2 di piramida mesir yang menggambarkan alat2 terbang sampai UFO bahkan submarine?

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #3 pada: Juni 12, 2012, 09:03:29 PM »
mungkin, ini cm mungkin yah, kalau pun benar si "alien" benar2 menunjukkan teknologi maju pada manusia primitif, apakah segala yang ia sampaikan itu semuanya benar?
kalau cuma teknologinya saja yg benar belum tentu hal lain yg ditampakkan juga benar.
sebab masyarakat Mesir kuno tetap saja percaya pada Dewa Ra (matahari), Dewi Isis yg kalau nangis bikin hujan, dsb.
mereka masih nga tau fakta2 astronomi ttg bumi bulat, berotasi, berevolusi, luar angkasa nga ada gravitasi dan oksigen, dsb.
tidak tahu bahwa hujan itu dari air laut yang menguap. mereka kira itu dewi lagi nangis.
« Edit Terakhir: Juni 12, 2012, 09:05:06 PM by nʇǝʌ∀ »
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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #4 pada: Juni 12, 2012, 10:05:38 PM »
memang yg diramal-ramal oleh orang zaman dulu itu ada yg bener ada juga yg salah
di satu sisi kita kagum dengan kemampuan mereka menciptakan bangunan seperti piramid dengan berbagai ukiran berbentuk benda2 modern tapi di sisi lain, kita tahu apa yg mereka percayai tidak semuanya benar.
lebih baik kita akui kekurangan kita sebagai manusia yg tidak tahu segalanya namun tetap berusaha mencari tahu.

orang mesir kuno percaya bahwa besi itu dari langit
dan memang besi itu dari luar angkasa
tapi yg mereka yakini kan tidak sejalan dengan fakta2 sains
bisa jadi mereka melihat ada meteorit jatuh ya wajar kan mereka bilang besi itu dari langit.
entah mungkin mereka pikir itu Dewa atau apalah yg menjatuhkannya.
atau mungkin mereka sendiri yg meyakini sendiri..
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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #5 pada: Juni 13, 2012, 09:22:14 AM »
bagaimana dengan pernyataan yang menunjukan bahwa mahluk alien yang datang ke bumi mempunyai keturunan dengan manusia? Di mexico telah ditemukan tengkorak manusia yang berbentuk aneh, tidak ada mahluk hidup yang menyerupai bentuk tengkorak itu di bumi. Buka : [nofollow]. Pertanyaannya tengkorak tersebut terbentuk karena sebuah kelainan/penyakit genetis atau ternyata benar2 bukti bahwa alien mempunyai keturunan dengan manusia?

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #6 pada: Juni 28, 2012, 07:34:10 PM »
bagaimana dengan pernyataan yang menunjukan bahwa mahluk alien yang datang ke bumi mempunyai keturunan dengan manusia? Di mexico telah ditemukan tengkorak manusia yang berbentuk aneh, tidak ada mahluk hidup yang menyerupai bentuk tengkorak itu di bumi. Buka : Pertanyaannya tengkorak tersebut terbentuk karena sebuah kelainan/penyakit genetis atau ternyata benar2 bukti bahwa alien mempunyai keturunan dengan manusia?

Artikelnya sendiri sudah menjawabnya kan? Uji dna sudah menunjukkan bahwa anak itu keturunan manusia, gak ada dna alien. Jadi kemungkinan meman tengkorak anak pengidap hydrocephalus

Offline cempee

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #7 pada: Pebruari 28, 2013, 10:21:43 AM »
Artikelnya sendiri sudah menjawabnya kan? Uji dna sudah menunjukkan bahwa anak itu keturunan manusia, gak ada dna alien. Jadi kemungkinan meman tengkorak anak pengidap hydrocephalus

ikut nimbrung juragan ,,
tapi apa yang membuat mereka melakukan hal tersebut ya ? seperti melilitkan sesuatu di kepala ketika masih bayi untuk mendapatkan model/bentuk kepala menjadi lonjong .
klo menurut agan2 dimana ? sebuah tren kah ?
atau sebuah bentuk peniruan kepada leluhur mereka ? hohohho

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #8 pada: Mei 13, 2013, 06:41:48 AM »
ikutan ngomong jurangan..!
ada 1 kepercayaan ,  "Raelian" yg di kenalkan oleh Claude Vorilhon
dimana dia mengatakan bahwa manusia adalah hasil percobaan mahluk asing (alien) dibumi
(bumi sebagai laboratorium para alien) dan dgn teknologinya para alien tsb mampu menciptakan manusia pertama dari zat2 yg berasal dr tanah
lengkapnya bisa dibaca dimari gan..! www*id.rael*org (ganti * dgn dot)

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Re:Ancient Astronaut
« Jawab #9 pada: Agustus 20, 2013, 06:30:19 PM »
Wah kurang seru nih...

Stonehenge merupakan produk kebudayaan pada tahun 3000SM. Saat ini hanya ini yang tersisa:

Tapi berdasarkan penelitian, setidaknya full plan dari Stonehenge adl sebagai berikut:

OK, sekarang kita loncat ke bahasan yg lain dulu. Sudah nonton film Star Trek: Into the Darkness?? Semoga udah pada nonton, dan ga telat masuk studio.  ;D Di awal film, ada scene dimana suku primitif planet Nibiru terekspos oleh pesawat SS Enterprise yang terbang di atas mereka untuk menyelamatkan planet mereka dari bencana katatrospik..

Mereka menyangka pesawat itu adalah semacam dewa penyelamat. Akhirnya, mereka menggambar kilasan dari bentuk pesawat itu di tanah:

OK.. Bentuk pesawat SS Enterprise adl seperti ini:

Dan ini adl hasil render komputer utk site plan dari Stonehenge:

OK, now you can kill me..  ;D ;D
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