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Penulis Topik: Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Quantum Field Theory 2008  (Dibaca 3712 kali)

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Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Quantum Field Theory 2008
« pada: September 01, 2008, 10:32:11 AM »
Particle Physics, Astrophysics
and Quantum Field Theory:
75 Years since Solvay

With the inception of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at
CERN and in anticipation of new exciting data at the
end of the year 2008, a High Energy Physics conference
is organized in synchrony with this historic occasion. This also
represents an opportunity to reminisce the fundamental
achievements of High Energy Physics since Solvay 1933. Then, it
was signposted by Enrico Fermi’s paper on the 4-fermion weak
interaction theory published on December 31 1933, two months
after the Solvay Congress October 1933.
Many distinguished contributors to particle physics have been invited
to this year’s event, including Professor David Gross (Nobel Laureate,
2004), Professor Gerard ‘t Hooft (Nobel Laureate, 1999), Professor
Martin Perl (Nobel Laureate, 1995), Professor Harald Fritzsch, Professor
Paul Steinhardt, Professor Tohru Eguchi, Professor John Ellis and many
others. In addition, several budding physicists (both theorists and
LHC experimentalists) have been invited to congregate for discussion
and presentation of their works here in Singapore at the Institute of
Advanced Studies, IAS Nanyang Technological University, NTU.
We would like to specially invite you to participate in this exciting
conference in celebration of the new LHC era, witnessing the
exchange of scientific information and camaraderie of the High
Energy Physics community. Invited presentations will be included
in the Conference Proceedings and published as a special issue in the
International Journal of Modern Physics A (IJMPA).

27th – 29th November 2008
at Nanyang Executive Centre, Singapore
Organized by
CHEN Hesheng
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
Yong-Min CHO
Seoul National University
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
Kyoto University
CERN (European Organization for
Nuclear Research)
University of New South Wales
Universitaet Muenchen, Munich
Nihon University
University of California, Santa Barbara
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 2004
Aarhus University
Wolfgang HOLLIK
Max Planck Institute, Munich
Gerard ‘t HOOFT
Utrecht University
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1999
Takaaki KAJITA
Tokyo University
Shih-Chang LEE
Academia Sinica, Taipei
Viatcheslav MUKHANOV
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich
Tatsuya NAKADA
CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Kyoto University
Martin PERL
Stanford University
Nobel Laureate in Physics,1995
Princeton University
(attendance to be confirmed)
Yi-Fang WANG
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
Yue-Liang WU
CAS & Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics of China
Zhi-Zhong XING
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
University of Auckland

For online registration and more information, please visit
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@ lovianettesherry_gonz: thanks buat infonya...

acara uda beres..jadi topik gw closed...
"Who controls the present now controls the past. Who controls the past now controls the future.”-- RATM, 1999.


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