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IRDA Program for Master and PhD @ Complex Fluid Lab, KIST

Dimulai oleh skuler, Oktober 10, 2008, 05:46:24 AM

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ini ada fowar dari temen...yg isinya:

Rekan sekalian,

Berikut saya teruskan info tentang lowongan posisi untuk Master/Phd di Complex Fluid Lab, KIST. Mohon disebarluaskan bagi yang berminat riset di bidang tersebut.

Salam, arenst

Openings: International Research and Development Academy (IRDA) Program for Master and PhD Students

Institution: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul Laboratory: Complex Fluids Research Lab, Energy and Environment Division
Supervisor (Principal Research Scientist): Dr. Myung-Suk Chun
Project: Micro-Biochip (Lab-on-Chips) for Nano-Bio Technology and Complex Fluids

The Complex Fluids Lab at KIST is currently recruiting two students of either Master or PhD course within the framework of the IRDA program. Regarding this program, please visit website at:http://irda. [pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.]. kr. Research areas comprise different fields of the Micro/Nano Technology, for which there are two projects as follows. The candidate is expected to have a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, and adjacent engineering science fields. Good knowledge of the English language is necessary.

Project I: Micro-Biochip Based on Micro/Nanofluidics for Micro Total Analysis System Typical topics are i) design and MEMS fabrication of Lab-on-Chips for analysis and separation of various kinds of colloids and biomolecules such as proteins, ii) visualization or imaging in micro/nanochannels by either fluorescence microscope or atomic force microscope, and iii) Electrokinetic Microfluidics for electrophoresis and streaming potential processes.

Project II: Molecular Simulations of Complex Fluids System
Typical topics are Conformation and Diffusion Properties Using Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Brownian Dynamics, and their Hybrid Simulation, Long-Range Interaction, Many-Body Interaction, and Rheology of Colloid, Suspension, and Polyelectrolytes. For applications, please send a CV and lists of two references directly to Dr. Myung-Suk Chun (mschun@kist. [pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.] Phone: +82-2-958-5363 http://www.kist. re. kr).

semoga bemanfaat....
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