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Penulis Topik: Rumor : The Holy Grail of particle physics have been found  (Dibaca 4768 kali)

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Offline reborn

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Rumor : The Holy Grail of particle physics have been found
« pada: Juni 09, 2007, 09:27:24 PM »
A rumor flying around physics departments these last few weeks claims that physicists working at the Tevatron, an accelerator located outside of Chicago, have found something new. Originally passed by word of mouth and private e-mail, the rumor made it into the blogosphere May 28, with an anonymous comment on the blog of a particle physicist living in Venice, Italy. Since then, the rumor has spread.

The hype surrounding the Higgs boson is well-deserved. The standard model, a unified view of physics first presented by John Iliopoulos in 1974, describes everything we know about the smallest building blocks of nature yet observed. It's the most accurate theory ever developed, in any field. And without the Higgs, it doesn't make much sense: Based purely on first principles, elementary particles should be massless. Some, like photons, do have zero mass; yet others are surprisingly heavy. Enter the Higgs, which would—in theory—interact with these latter particles to make the difference.

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Offline Haryanto

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Re: Rumor : The Holy Grail of particle physics have been found
« Jawab #1 pada: Januari 07, 2010, 12:00:33 PM »
Respected Professor Reborn,

I don't think that 'the holy grail' (do you mean Higgs particle) had been found. A new effort to verify the existence of Higgs are performing right now at CERN, LHC experiments.. thousands of scientists, billions dollars.. anyway, it also had been anticipated if finally Higgs boson is not found, we have some theories where the particles can get masses without any Higgs, namely Higgsless scenario..

I am sure that if Higgs boson finally can be verified, Peter Higgs from Edinburgh University is deserved for a Noble prize...
We must know — we will know!
-David Hilbert -


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