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Judul: alien hand syndrome
Ditulis oleh: nandaz pada Januari 23, 2010, 09:09:59 PM
...pernah nonton idle hands? tangan nganggur atau tangan ganjil... yang berceritakan tentang tangan Anton dirasuki roh jahat. tetapi sebetulnya hal itu tidak mungkin terjadi karena tangan tidak mungkin dapat berfikir sendiri. Tetapi bagaimana dengan sindrome yang dikenal dengan "alien hand syndrome"? fenomena sains yang cukup tergolong aneh, contohnya jika kita pengen makan maka tangan orang yang menderita ini malah mencoba membetulkan dasi atau lainnya yang diluar kedali kita. Aku dapat beberapa infonya dari Wiki
KutipAlien hand syndrome (also known as anarchic hand or Dr. Strangelove syndrome[1]) is an unusual neurological disorder  in which one of the sufferer's hands seem to take on a mind of its own. AHS is best documented in cases where a person has had the two hemispheres of their brain surgically separated, a procedure sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of extreme cases of epilepsy. It also occurs in some cases after other brain surgery, strokes, or infections.
An alien hand sufferer can feel normal sensation in the hand and leg, but believes that the hand, while still being a part of their body, behaves in a manner that is totally distinct from the sufferer's normal behavior. They lose the 'sense of agency' associated with the purposeful movement of the limb while retaining a sense of 'ownership' of the limb. They feel that they have no control over the movements of the 'alien' hand, but that, instead, the hand has the capability of acting autonomously — i.e., independent of their voluntary control. The hand effectively has 'a will of its own.' Alien hands can perform complex acts such as undoing buttons, removing clothing, and manipulating tools. Alien behavior can be distinguished from reflexive behavior in that the former is flexibly purposive while the latter is obligatory. Sometimes the sufferer will not be aware of what the alien hand is doing until it is brought to his or her attention, or until the hand does something that draws their attention to its behavior.

A related syndrome described by the French neurologist François Lhermitte involves the release through disinhibition of a tendency to compulsively utilize objects that present themselves in the surrounding environment around the patient (Lhermitte 1983; Lhermitte et al 1986). The behavior of the patient is, in a sense, obligatorily linked to the "affordances" (using terminology introduced by the American ecological psychologist, J.J. Gibson) presented by objects that are located within the immediate peri-personal environment. This condition, termed "Utilization Behavior", is most often associated with extensive bilateral frontal lobe damage and might actually be thought of as "bilateral" Alien Hand Syndrome in which the patient is compulsively directed by external environmental contingencies (e.g., the presence of a hairbrush on the table in front of them elicits the act of brushing the hair) and has no capacity to "hold back" and inhibit pre-potent motor programs that are obligatorily linked to the presence of specific external objects in the peri-personal space of the patient. When the frontal lobe damage is bilateral and generally more extensive, the patient completely loses the ability to act in a self-directed manner and becomes totally dependent upon the surrounding environmental indicators to guide their behavior in a general social context, a condition also identified by Lhermitte (1986), and referred to as "Environmental Dependency Syndrome."
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Judul: Re: alien hand syndrome
Ditulis oleh: sisca, chemistry pada Januari 23, 2010, 11:15:26 PM
tangannya aneh.. beneran tuh..?

mirip lumpuh layu ajah,,
Judul: Re: alien hand syndrome
Ditulis oleh: Huriah M Putra pada Januari 24, 2010, 01:33:06 AM
Tangannya bisa gerak sendiri..
Perhatiin. Dia ada suruh tangan kirinya ,"Let go" waktu tangan kirinya narik2 selang.
Judul: Re: alien hand syndrome
Ditulis oleh: fazero pada Maret 26, 2010, 07:18:15 PM
hmmm ...
kelainan syaraf ,.,,
atau kesalahan pada alam bawah sadar ...