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Interventional Therapy Makes Me Have Faith to Defeat Cancer

Dimulai oleh Makes, Agustus 24, 2016, 10:07:55 AM

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Be afflicted by misfortune in the best time

RATCHANON, a young man, had worked on auto parts and accessories for two years since he graduated. As the same as other young men who just enter into society to work, he also envisioned a beautiful future. However, the fate made a joke with him: he was diagnosed with left maxillary sinus cancer.

It started at the end of 2015. RATCHANON found out that there was a small sarcoma under his left eye, but he wasn't concerned about it. Because he thought it was quite normal to get pimples on young people's face. Later, until the sarcoma grew bigger and bigger, he went to see a doctor. But the doctor misdiagnosed it as an eye disease. After 3 months, his sarcoma became very big, which covered his left eye and made him lose left eyesight. Besides, he got other symptoms, such as headache and fatigue.

A nightmare continued. According to biopsy, it was maxillary sinus cancer. The Thai doctor advised him to take surgery at once, which needed to operate for 10 hours and to remove his left eyeball. Young RATCHANON was unwilling to accept this cruel fact and lose left eye. Therefore, he positively found a better treatment. Through searching on the Internet and making contrast, he targeted to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou that is specialized in advanced minimally invasive cancer treatment to help him.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou made him rebuild confidence

On March 30, 2016, RATCHANON arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After he got check-up, MDT (multidisciplinary team) made a personalized treatment plan for him and arranged him the first interventional therapy two days later. After taking interventional therapy, his tumor which was 8cm*8cm big began to shrink. After 20 days, it shrank to 1cm*1.5cm with very good treatment effect. Additionally, the symptoms including headache and fatigue disappeared. Except for hair loss, interventional therapy did not bring him any side effects. Currently, his left eyesight has recovered to 80%.

RATCHANON's life becomes beautiful again with optimism. He often participates in activities that are organized by the hospital and climbs the Baiyun Mountain. He said that doctors and nurses and other staff were very nice and they cooperated well to provide the best service, which should be learned by Thai hospitals. During the treatment, his mother accompanied with him all the time. RATCHANON is always very thankful to her and hopes that he can have normal days as before. To encourage other cancer patients, he said, "Cancer patients must have faith. Cancer is not so horrible. The rate of good treatment effect in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is very high. But each patient has individual condition. It needs to get particular check-up. Anyway, it is a good option to come here for treatment."