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How to build pyramids

Dimulai oleh nandaz, November 12, 2009, 08:19:38 PM

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...kocaknya dulu dalam film Asterix, piramid dibuat oleh manusia biasa dengan meminum suatu ramuan...ramuan itu di beri oleh seorang ratu mesir pada manusia(termasuk si asterix dan obelix) dan kekuatan manusia menjadi sangat kuat hingga dengan mudah mengangkat sebuah batu raksasa sendirian.selain penasaran dengan cara bangun piramid, aku juga dapat salah satu info dari seorang ahli astronomi kayak gini
KutipThe pyramids have a strong astronomical association. The four faces of an Egyptian pyramid are precisely aligned with the four cardinal points of the compass. Given that the Egyptians never recognised a North pole on the Earth, they could have only done this by means of the rotation of the sky about the North Celestial Pole. The most obvious way of fixing azimuthal North would be by the symmetry of the rising and setting points of stars. The great pyramid of Khufu is level to a centimetre and aligned to a twentieth of a degree, a tribute to the accuracy of ancient surveying skills.

Khufu's pyramid also contains four "star shafts", aimed towards the meridian in the sky. When the pyramid was built (c. 2500 BC), these shafts aimed at the transitpoints of Thuban (Alpha Draconis - then pole star), Orion's Belt, Sirius and Kochab (Beta Ursa Minoris), clearly intentionally and not coincidentally. The shafts apparently served to direct the ka, or spirit, of the dead pharaoh towards these key stars. Thuban and Kochab were circumpolar "Imperishable ones" (stars that never die), Orion represented the deity Osiris, and Sirius his consort, Isis. Precession has since changed the transit points, so the shafts no longer function in this manner.

Khufu's pyramid is the largest of a line of three - together with that of Khafre and the much smaller pyramid of Menkaure. Given the surveying skills of the Egyptians, many have wondered why the line of the three pyramids is slightly crooked. One possibility is that the design would allow for the smaller pyramid to be later enlarged (retaining its south and east faces) to form a straight line of three almost identical pyramids. Another is that the deviation of the line closely matches that of the three stars of Orion's Belt - which are also slightly crooked. This has suggested that the lay out at Giza may be an attempt to portray Orion's Belt. If so, the orientation of the line, with respect to the cardinal points, is wrong - for 2500 BC. Precession, however, changes the angle that the Belt makes in the sky. Bauval claims that going back to 10500 BC gives "a perfect match".

Or does it? My own investigation showed that, while the line of the two outer pyramids is set 38 degrees from north, the angle of Orion's Belt to north in 10500 BC is close on 50 degrees! Hardy an exact match. I calculate that circular precessional motion would give 47 degrees, whereas including nutational terms makes it slightly higher. Measurements in the planetarium agree. Bauval, on the other hand appears to have used computer programmes. He implies that only with modern sophisticated computers can we examine the ancient skies! I wonder if he also made the mistake of measuring angles off a flat screen.

Bauval's choice of 10500 BC (when Orion is furthest south in its precessional cycle) also supposedly fits with the Milky Way aligning with the Nile. But the course of the Nile is variable, and we do not now know where it ran in 10500 BC with any accuracy.

A parallel assertion of Hancock and Bauval is to say that 10500 BC would be during the astrological "Age of the Lion" - a connoctation they seek with the sphinx. However the Vernal Equinox of 10500 BC would lie at 2000: 11h40m, +2.2 degress, which though close to the star pattern we now know as Leo, still lies decidedly in Virgo. Again, not a perfect match.

Finally, as my colleague in the planetarium world, Ed Krupp, has pointed out, the otherwise straight line of the pyramids is deformed towards the north, but the line of Orion's Belt is deformed towards the south.

The astronomical basis for arguing that the layout at Giza goes back to 10500BC is therefore very thin. It would be well if more could be done to counter the publicity of books, put out to the public, that base so much conjecture upon such flimsy science.
[pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.]
katanya piramid seperti sudah mengungkapkan formasi suatu bintang....
starting by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible...


menggunakan semacam minum energi seperti yang diceritakan dalam asterix...
kalo formasi sepertinya sudah pernah dijelaskan dalam transformers 2.


hebat ya, org2 jaman dulu aja udah bs buat bangunan kokoh dengan details yg rumit....
klo di kita punya borobodur....


candi sukuh di pulau jawa mempunyai bentuk seperti piramid yang banyak ditemui di amerika selatan dan tengah.


Kutip dari: syx pada November 19, 2009, 04:00:14 PM
candi sukuh di pulau jawa mempunyai bentuk seperti piramid yang banyak ditemui di amerika selatan dan tengah.

tapi antara candi di Pulau Jawa tsb mungkin beda kegunaan dgn candi di mesir ya?? klo candi di Pulau Jawa sebagai tempat peribadatan kalau pyramid di Mesir sebagai tempat makam kerjaan.

Ada yg punya infonya??


ga tau... bentuknya ga seperti candi hindu pada umumnya. isinya juga mesum banget, banyak relief lingga yoni.


Kutip dari: syx pada November 20, 2009, 01:15:22 PM
isinya juga mesum banget, banyak relief lingga yoni.

Hihihiii lucu kata2nya.
coba link-nya kmn yg gw bs liat?


ini contohnya:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

back to topic...

coba bandingkan bentuk candi dengan piramid amerika selatan:

mirip-mirip kan?


ya, piramid di mexico dan di mesir memiliki alas yang seukuran,

kalo ga muncul: h*[pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.]

dan ternyata, sisi-sisi piramid di mesir cocok sekali dengan garis lintang dan garis bujur,

kalo ga muncul h*[pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.]

(gambar-gambar ialah snapshot dari film dokumenter "Ancient Aliens", kebanyakan isi buku karya Erich von Daniken)
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...jangan2 arsiteknya orang yang sama? ::)
starting by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible...


mungkin pemberi ilham yang sama... ato bahkan bisa jadi manusia adalah keturunan pemberi ilham tersebut. (kok kesannya gw jadi sesat gini ya?)