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How can you recognize pseudoscience :

1. Science (S) : The primary goal of science is to achieve a more complete and more unified understanding of the physical world.
    Pseudosciences (P) : more likely to be driven by ideological, cultural, or commercial goals.

2. S : Most scientific fields are the subjects of intense research which result in the continual expansion of knowledge in the discipline.
    P : The field has evolved very little since it was first established. The small amount of research and experimentation that is carried out is generally done more to justify the belief than to extend it.

3. S : Workers in the field commonly seek out counterexamples or findings that appear to be inconsistent with accepted theories.
    P : In the pseudosciences, a challenge to accepted dogma is often considered a hostile act if not heresy, and leads to bitter disputes or even schisms.

4. S : Observations or data that are not consistent with current scientific understanding, once shown to be credible, generate intense interest among scientists and stimulate additional studies.
    P : Observations or data that are not consistent with established beliefs tend to be ignored or actively suppressed.

5. S : Science is a process in which each principle must be tested in the crucible of experience and remains subject to being questioned or rejected at any time.
    P : The major tenets and principles of the field are often not falsifiable, and are unlikely ever to be altered or shown to be wrong.

6. S :Scientific ideas and concepts must stand or fall on their own merits, based on existing knowledge and on evidence.
    P : Pseudoscientific concepts tend to be shaped by individual egos and personalities, almost always by individuals who are not in contact with mainstream science. They often invoke authority (a famous name, for example) for support.

7. S : Scientific explanations must be stated in clear, unambigous terms.
    P : Pseudoscientific explanations tend to be vague and ambiguous, often invoking scientific terms in dubious contexts.

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Wew.... thanks boss.... baca dulu yahh  :P

i believe in science

Rizki Dwi Rahmadi:
Hmm,, pseudo-science juga merupakan salah satu bagian dari science bukan ??
Karena dikatakan bisa 'meramalkan' atau 'memprediksikan' sesuatu~

Walaupun bentuk konkritnya kurang jelas~ Tidak seperti science pada umumnya yang jelas hukum2nya.

Kalo masih teori doang belum terbukti itu namanya Pseudoscience ya?


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