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Update: Study about symbolism in Indonesian

Dimulai oleh Omacka, Januari 25, 2017, 02:50:38 AM

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Hello fellows,
I have recently posted a request for help with a survey amongst Indonesians to help with my high school project about the origin of language (see [pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.]). I have to thank you all who have taken the surveys because now I've got 50 responses on each, so I have nice data to draw from.

Now I got to the evaluating and I observe several interesting phenomena I think you can help me with:

1. The respondents said that "kasar" reminds them of pepper - don't you know why?

2. "menangis" have reminded my respondents a crying child the most, the pictures of kind of desprete "crying" of people with open mouth followed as the second most frequent option.

Does it mean "crying" is somehow connected with "shouting" in Indonesian? (please see the survey [pranala luar disembunyikan, sila masuk atau daftar.])

3. "badai" comes from tamil "vatai" meaning "strong wind". Does "badai" in Indonesian actually have two meanings (both storm and strong wind) or are storms in Indonesia just basically strong winds?

Thank you very much.